Sandra started as an painter. She is using colors to express herself since she was a kid, but realized her first original paintings at the age of 20. It was a lovely southwestern restaurant with cross kitchen in Frankfurt/Germany, where she worked about 10 years without realizing anymore art pieces. Then, everything turns out fast. She is marrying in the USA and getting her first baby when she was 29. She starts doing art again, inspired by the native indians. Her work always reflects peace, love and spirituality.


After travelling to France, they settle down in Brittany, changing completely their life. They stop the catering business and Sandra invests herself to 100% again in doing different types of Art. She now works more in the marina style, as that is what inspires her as she looks outside the window of her house, deep down into the ocean. She does less paintings and more sculptures, based on washed glass, driftwood and everything she finds on the beach or in the ocean. Recycling becomes her new passion, including giving sort of a vintage touch to it. One year after that, her second child was born. The years pass by, and again they change their home place, leaving for Hossegor in the southwest of France, where there is more sun and water. Living between lake and sea, she is still doing sculptures out of recycled parts, but also begins and pursues jewelry, design and photography. She starts working freelance for different important companies, and still continues. Until today, she is continuing with all kinds of Art: paintings, sculptures, jewelry and so on. Every year she has numerous flashes of new ideas, which she realizes step by step, beneath the kind look of her family and friends.

Update: Sandra is living now in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, but still working on her Art and still and more doing Candles, still handmade and still with Love